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AI-generated content includes blogs, essays, papers, emails, and text produced by ChatGPT, Google Bard, or tools of a similar nature. Many individuals view the material as being of a different caliber than stuff authored by a person because it was at least partially produced by an automated system. In fact, the majority of readers regard AI information to be dull and time-wasting. We are developing a quick and practical solution for users who need to check if AI wrote it or humans. We are the only application that can perform both AI and plagiarism checks at once. To prevent false alarms, our detector employs GPT Zero and proprietary logic.


Currently, the majority of AI-generated text exhibits a number of traits that can be recognized by basic automated systems. Text Perplexity and Burstiness serve as the foundation for the approach that we utilize on this page to Make AI Content Human.

The word selections in a phrase lack the intrigue or colour often associated with excellent writing, and AI-generated text typically has low ambiguity. The language in the book is dull.

Sentence length is referred to as burstiness. All sentences in text created by AI are the same length. AI-generated content is typically identified by sentences that are all the same length and lack any colour or intrigue.


In the new age it is becoming more and more common to get articles that are generated by Ai and to counter that you need an Ai and Plagiarism Checker, it’s two birds with one stone you can check if the article that you have is genuine and unique or is plagiarized you will not find this quality of service anywhere else and as you can see on our website we also offer you a way to Fix AI Content without any problems you don’t have to use multiple sites to check for stuff as we have them both in the same place and you don’t have to worry because we have a minimalistic decision that allows for a user friendly experience so you can visit our website to get all your work done without any problems we make sure that your user experience is flawless and you have little to no problems while using our system we have made sure that we can capture and capitalize on the usual AI writing techniques that are normally used.

How our system works:

To scan the text, we employ the GPT Zero API. We removed several features that the machine had mistakenly detected based on its answer. We provide the opportunity to do a plagiarism check.We display the plagiarism colour if one sentence is both AI-detected and plagiarized. It’s because copied content is infallible; you cannot refute that the precise text has already been published online. The AI check, however, is only a pattern match. True authorship cannot be established since human edits are visible in the majority of AI-generated literature.


In conclusion we have the best AI Checker on the market and if you don’t believe us, you can just use our AI Checker and decide for yourself we offer 24/7 support in order to provide a perfect and streamline experience where you don’t have to worry about problems where the program is not picking up AI written articles.

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