Acrylic Hexagon Mirror Wall Sticker

Remove the clear protecting movie from the mirror wall sticker to make it looks clearer and brilliant. Our Hexagonal wall decor decals are made of quality acrylic material, sturdy, easy to wash, robust adhesion, not simple to fall, high-precision laser slicing, stunning and stylish. The peel-and-stick design of our stickers makes them extremely straightforward to install and take away, with out causing any damage to your walls. Decorative wall sticker decal makes your own home look different and extra engaging; For the reflective floor can make your room brighter; The smoother the surface, the clearer the reflection shall be. Acrylic Hexagon Mirror Wall Sticker

Whether it’s an enchanting environment, fashionable look, retro flair, or you merely need to add some character to a unadorned wall, these mirror hexagon tiles are the right addition to your decor. With robust adhesives at the again of the sticker, you can simply paste it on a very clean, flat, and smooth floor with long-lasting performance with much less dropping off dangers. Eco-friendly acrylic stickers are properly enhanced in 1mm thickness, waterproof and corrosion resistant for long-time use, and they are nicely protected by protective films.

Please thoughts that the mirror wall sticker just isn’t precisely a mirror. Our products are manufactured from acrylic, and the reflection impact is definitely not as clear as real mirrors. But for adornment, it’s lighter and safer than actual mirrors. The smoother the floor, the clearer the reflection might be.

Creatively prepare the mirrors in the style you like, or even add them to an present wall decal, and anticipate compliments from family and friends. These hexagon-shaped mirrors are good for any room in your home, and could be arranged in any pattern you want. The high-quality protective film and powerful back and front adhesives prevent. Search a quantity of products by coming into your purchasing listing below.

Sales Package20 Hexagon Silver (Each Piece Size 10.5 cm x 12.1 cm) Thickness 1 mm, Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers, Acrylic Sticker, wall mirror stickers. Model Name20 Hexagon Silver (Each Piece Size 10.5 cm x 12.1 cm) Thickness 1 mm, Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers, Acrylic Sticker, wall mirror stickers. These easy-to-install hexagon mirror tiles for partitions are the perfect way to add texture and give any room a totally new really feel. Make positive the wall is super clean earlier than putting in this acrylic mirror. • It could apply to any easy and clean surfaces such as partitions, doorways, windows, closet, and so on.

The reflective floor of our mirror wall stickers lets you check your look or add some further mild to your room. Decorative mirror wall sticker decal makes your home look completely different, extra engaging; For the reflective surface could make your room brighter; The smoother the floor, the clearer the reflection will be. This hexagonal mirror wall sticker has the next dimensions. There are 12 items of 12 butterflies, every measuring around 17.5 x 15.three x 9 cm (6.88 x 6.02 x three.fifty four inches), with a thickness of about 1mm. The high-quality protective movie and powerful front and back adhesives prevent scratching, ensuring you get clear and smooth mirror stickers. These hexagon mirror wall decals are manufactured from premium acrylic, which is mild, waterproof, moisture proof, secure and reliable, sturdy and durable, not straightforward to interrupt, may be applied along with your confidence.

It could presumably be applied to most clean and clear surfaces similar to walls, doorways, windows, closets, and so on, fitted to front room, children’s playroom, eating room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, workplace, hallway, porch, and a lot of extra. Mirror-effect wall sticker will cause an amplifying phantasm of greater area dimension and the marginally distorted reflection can allow proximity appears for good decorative effect. The distinctive design of those stickers creates a surprising 3D effect, including depth and curiosity to your partitions. This can be a enjoyable project that you could share with your family members, working together to search out one of the best design to swimsuit the area. The mirror tiles will persist with any surface easily without the necessity to drill holes in the wall, making this the right one-day household DIY project, or reward for a friend.

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